Development of Instructional Model App Design for User Experience

Abstract: This study aims to develop an instructional model App design for effective user experience in the self-learning acquisition of origami. In order to develop effective app design, this study conducted a pilot study to compare three formats of instructional models: printed, time-based video, and App instruction. To make the comparison, the study evaluated user tasks in three main areas: (1) time required to complete the given task, (2) number and kinds of errors, and (3) frequency of misunderstanding the instructional information. With an analysis of the result of the usability and exit interview, the findings suggest that users completed the task more effectively in the video and App instructions compared to the printed instruction. However, participants using the App instruction appeared more focused on the performance of each task and worked without interruption. According to both positive responses from the video and App instructions, this study proposes a conceptual framework for the new App design which provides an interactive user interface between static (graphic illustration) and kinetic (video simulation). The App also provides an effective learning acquisition through the online community where users can share their works and instruction model with other online users.
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