SEODESIGN Identity 4.0 updated 06. 2022
Dr. Sang-Duck Seo is an accomplished professor of Graphic Design and Media at UNLV's Art Department, where he teaches, conducts research, and designs. Dr. Seo's impressive academic background includes a BFA in Industrial Design, an MFA in Graphic Design, and a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction. Before joining UNLV, Dr. Seo worked for prestigious companies such as SAMSUNG, GM, and Korea Mint, where he participated in various national projects and designed "The Korean Banknote," which was released in 2007. Dr. Seo's design works have been showcased in over 25 countries, and his research outcomes have been presented and published in prominent design conferences and journals. Dr. Seo is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including the Alex G. and Faye Spanos Distinguished Teaching Award, the UNLV Foundational Distinguished Teaching Award, the Lincy Professorship Award, and the Adobe Achievement Award. Dr. Seo's current research focuses on visual cognition/perception and user behaviors/experiences in design communication and interaction, which he applies in his teaching to prepare his students to excel in the dynamic and competitive field of design.