Through various industrial professions and academic background experiences, Dr. Seo has expanded diverse disciplines and research. Prior to his higher degrees in design education, Dr. Seo worked for Samsung and GM Daewoo as a professional designer and researcher. He also conducted many national projects for the KOREAN MINT as one of only 200 security designers around the world. The new currency, “The Korean Banknote Design,” was unveiled in 2007.

As a dedicated educator, Dr. Seo provides various topics and subjects based on design theories and methods in various design studios. He was awarded the Lincy Professorship (2012) and UNLV Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award (2014) for his academic accomplishment. Dr. Seo is also a design researcher who explores in new design experiments and challenges. He has presented various research articles and design works in international design conferences/exhibitions. Recent design works were presented in Paris, Poland, China, Korea, Japan, etc., and he continues his creativity by interpreting design theories and methods. His research is expanding to a variety of design topics including kinetic typography, brand identity, and security printing design. With his Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction, Dr. Seo advances his research interest in the human subject, visual cognition, and design interaction for UX and UI Design.