A design study for social inclusion: Play IT

“FOLLOW ME” is a digital game developed for children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). According to the core symptoms of ASD, this project has focused on three considerations: Cognitive disabilities, Interactive communication and Social behaviors for treatment of ASD. “FOLLOW ME” also provides an interactive communication with caregivers so that all collected databases transfer to the primary doctor for giving feedback to parents in fast and convenient ways. The game tasks are arranged by a variety of questions and activities for learning curves and each step enables kids to concentrate on their activities during playing the game with caregivers. “FOLLOW ME” is expected to bring great outcomes for not only resolving core problems with social behaviors but also increasing great amount of communication and various interests in cognitive perceptions from the children.

To treat ASD problems:
1) Social interactions and relationships 2) Verbal and nonverbal communication 
3) Limited interests in activities or play.
To enhance learning curves (Therapy): 
1) Questions / Answers (Reading & Speaking) 2) Creativities (Drawing) 3) Emotional Control (Signing & gesturing)
To analyze accurate diagnosis: 
1) Interactive communication between caregivers 2) Effective learning outcomes

Target Audiences: Age between 4-9
Game Environment: Accessible to any digital devices: Computer, Tablet PC, Smart phone with a built-in camera. The length of playing a game varies, however increasing playing time gradually is more effective for learning curves.
Branding Development: The brand name and logo was developed based on the initial concept of the game contents, “Playing together”. Visual concept development was enhanced with attributes such as “Follow”, “Together”, “Talk”, etc., and the main concerns of beginning stage was “Interactive communication”. The idea on the variation experimented with a symbol of “Bubble” sign, in which the shape is able to convey the all attributed messages; follow, together, talk simultaneously.
Game Development: The main consideration of the design application is “Kids friendly”, “Esthetically attractive”, and “Effective learning
curves” for both typical peers and ASD children. The application is concerned about interactive communication for both caregivers and children to play together, so that the game provides each task with visual information, audio sound and live communication between users. The contents of the game is visual infographic dominant to attract children’s attention. Once ‘Player’ is activated, it shows user’s profile with a basic information such as photo, earned points and achievement level. A new player can be set up through the ‘Setting’ mode or ‘Play’ mode in the main home. Arrow left and right side allows users to navigate to view more players.
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